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Our Story?

Raleigh Enterprises Shop CIC (Community Interest Company) has been set up by both serving personnel and ex Military. A team of 7 personnel strong our aim is to make sure you, your recruit, your sailor, your family and friends all feel a welcoming experience. From the person that serves you to the back room staff loading stock, tapping away on the website or checking the books and paying the bills, we hope you like our range of products and help us make HMS Raleigh better for everyone.

It doesn't matter what stages you are in your military career or where you are in the family support line - the "Raleigh roller coaster" to the "final deployment" we will have something for you. 

We are an organisation set up in the interest of the Royal Navy, the personnel of HMS Raleigh in particular. We are a not-for-profit organisation and in fact donate our profits to two military charities. 

All of our products are bought from MOD licensed manufacturers, whom are charged by MOD for the privilege of producing products with military insignia. The license fee is used to help fund The Rebalancing Lives Fund.

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